Choir Ministry

As a complement to the various services in the Cathedral, music forms a very important part of UHLC church life. With our four main choirs, i.e. Ufunuo, Angaza, Girls Chorale and the English Choir, we cherish the beauty of music presented by these choir groups every time we gather together for worship, for fellowships, for concerts and during special occasions.

Social Ministry

In order for us to achieve our mission objectives, we have the social ministry which the mercy arm of the Cathedral’s ministries. In this ministry we reach out with the Word and material support to the destitute and the less privileged persons living with us and within our communities. These groups include orphans, widows, single mothers, street children etc. With support from the members themselves and from well-wishers we are providing support to more than 50 orphans and providing support to the needy case as they arise.

There are overwhelming needs in our communities. We believe that together we can combat hunger, poverty, affliction and loneliness. We can bring love, peace and the comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ and restore the lost hope to the many lives we touch through our contributions and support. Christ calls us to care for one another and to bring the knowledge of His saving grace to all the nations. This is the basis for the social ministry work of UHLC.


As a Christian congregation we exist to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the nations through the proper teaching of the gospel, administering the sacraments rightly and caring for the wellbeing of a whole person through the works of mercy. Through these various ministries we are enabled to carry on the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ of making disciples of all nation through Word, Sacraments and works of mercy.

Women Ministry


To be a group where faith is nurtured and women actualize their potentials by living fulfilled lives.


Based on Christian faith and principles, our women ministry aims at developing women leaders, empowering them through studying the Word of God, through prayer, fellowship and evangelism so that together they may support themselves and the church at large through their various ministries.


  1. Monthly meetings every second Saturday.
  2. Women ministry members visiting church members who are bereaved or unwell.
  3. Acquiring skills through training in social, financial and health matters.
  4. Dong outreach to communities and institutions.
  5. Supporting and participating in missions.
  6. Holding Bible studies, prayer sessions and fellowships.
  7. Doing evangelism in neighboring communities.
  8. Participating in church services and activities
  9. Providing the fellowship tea/coffee to the church members every Sunday.