Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry is important in the life of the Church. It is an exciting time to do Youth Ministry in this 'moment of grace. Our Youth have a lot of energy, filed with curiosity and agility to learn. They keep prompting the world to find its limits and comfort. They are the congregants of tomorrow and the pastors or deaconesses.

Sunday school ministry


To be a foundation for life-long discipleship in Jesus Christ.


To Know Christ, to love Christ, and to Follow Christ.


  • To learn the truth of God from the Bible
  • To act as the scriptures instruct in the Bible
  • To pray in accordance to the will of God
  • To tell the truth of God in accordance to the Bible


Sunday school at UHLC is part of the bigger Lutheran congregation that professes salvation by the grace of God alone, (Ephesians 2:8). This is embraced as the free gift of God to Humanity and exemplified through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. UHLC Sunday school is focused on creating a friendly and loving environment that is open to all children irrespective of their diverse backgrounds as guided by Mat 19:14 where Jesus said “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Sunday school activities

Moreover, a student-centered approach is employed in delivering the various bible teachings through interactive, fun, and yet informative activities. These include watching bible story videos, coloring various lesson drawings, crafting and painting various art objects, acting various bible skits, singing and reciting bible verses, annual UHLC Sunday School rally among other activities.

Sundays chool groups

UHLC Sunday School is divided into three main groups depending on the age and generally the grade of the students as informed by the schooling system in Kenya. There is the kindergarten group composed of children in baby class to pre-unit or less than 6 years. The second group consists of class one to class five or less than 11 years. The third group consists of the upper primary children i.e. class 6 to 8.

Sunday school organization

UHLC Sunday School is headed by a Sunday school coordinator who also represents Sunday school matters in the council of elders. UHLC Sunday school has two services: One that that runs during the English service that basically takes care of the children’s whose parents attend the English service, and the second one runs during the Swahili service that starts at 11:00am and takes care of the Children whose parents attend the Swahili service. Both Sunday school services are conducted by at least two teachers and at times with one or multiple volunteers. The language of instruction is mainly English, and a mix of Swahili, especially for the second Sunday school service. The Duration of the Sunday school service is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Often, the children are kept engaged at the Sunday school classrooms until the respective main church services are finished.

Sunday school lesson

Each Sunday-School lesson generally starts with a prayer either from the teacher or one of the students. This is then immediately followed up by offering giving so as to reduce the disturbance caused by the children playing with the coins and more importantly to avoid accidents due to swallowing of coins by the younger children. Thereafter, new students attending the service for the first time are introduced and welcomed. The children can then be led into a singing i.e. praise session. The reading of the day is read aloud and the teacher takes time to explain the lesson to the students. This is closely followed by a question and answer moment. Alternatively, the younger students are given relevant coloring pages, cross-words (for the middle school) or Fill-in questions for the senior students that reflect upon the day’s lesson.From time to time, the students are allowed to watch a bible story video or animation to compliment the day’s lesson. In the event there is time remaining, the students are engaged in bible verse recitation, singing and acting.

Finally, a registry of class attendance is taken by the teachers before the final prayer and dismissal of the students, upon the ending of the main church service.