Divine Service

During the divine service, God’s children gather before their Father (God) to receive His gifts of grace that He bestows to them through the Means of Grace i.e. through Word and Sacraments. At UHLC, we gather together acknowledging our sinful nature and let the Lord speak to us as we listen and as we let Him give to us as we receive. As the Apology of the Augsburg Confession puts it, “It is by faith that God wants to be worshiped, namely, that we receive from Him what He promises and offers … Thus the service and worship of the Gospel is to receive good things from God, while the worship of the law is to offer and present our goods to God. We cannot offer anything to God unless we have first been reconciled and reborn. The greatest possible comfort comes from this doctrine that the highest worship in the Gospel is the desire to receive forgiveness of sins, grace and righteousness” (Ap. IV, 49, 310).