The Organ

As is said "Music that stirs the soul begins with a magnificent organ," our Cathedral treasures the rich sound and music of the Rembrandt 497 Organ every time her faithful

members gather together for the Divine service. As a donation and gift from our brothers and sisters of Hope and Resurrection Lutheran Congregations of Majove California USA, through our dear colleague and friend the late Rev. William Hampton, this Organ was dedicated on June 24th 2012 by the ELCK Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Walter Obare for use in the cathedral to the glory of God.

With its uniqueness having 4 Manuals, 70 Romantic Voices, 70 Symphonic Voices, 70 Baroque Voices, 12 Organs in One, 9 Audio Channels (8.1 Audio), 1110 Watts of Audio Power, 4 Tremulants, and 9 Couplers, the organ has greatly changed the worship life of our Cathedral  since its installation and dedication in 2012.