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Rev. Enos Omodhi

Rev. Enos joined the ministry of the Word as an Evangelist in 1980 after having undergone a two year Evangelistic Training at Matongo Bible School. He was then posted as an Evangelist to ELCK Kawangware congregation in 1981 where he worked until 1991 when he was sent to Kadie and Atemo congregations respectively. In 1996, Rev. Enos was transferred to Uhuru Highway Lutheran Church as an evangelist from where he left for further training at Kapenguria Bible Center. Upon completion of his studies in 2002, he was ordained a pastor and posted to continue serving at UHLC where he still works to date. Rev. Enos is motivated in his work by the fact that he knows Him whom he is serving to be the Savior of mankind from the sinful nature. He leads worship services especially in the Swahili congregation, he preaches the Word and administers sacraments. He enjoys visiting with the congregants in their homes and in the office. He works hand in hand with his colleague the Rev. Isaiah in the social ministry arm of the Cathedral’s mission of reaching out to the whole person. Rev. Enos is married to his beloved wife Clara with whom they are blessed with two children Purity and Hillary.